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Wallaby Goods food storage

Stewart's prepping

Fully Prepared
May 24, 2021
I have a question, have you ever had weevel issues? We tend to get them in our rice, beans, flour, cereal, etc… Cant get rid of them. Even if we store food/rice in air tight containers.
This is my first time using mylar bags so Idk yet . I couldn't keep them out of my airtight glass containers so I'm trying mylar and bucket . I put my dry goods in the freezer for 48h or longer to help take care of the bugs and their eggs and then I leave the bag out for 24h before I stored.
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May 12, 2021
@Eric Weevils! My mom used to get those in her pantry. I have rice and beans but they are still in the plastic bags from the store and then in sealed buckets. I suppose I need to store them in mylar sealed bags.
Yea man, once you have them, they are tough to get rid of. They spread like wildfire. They like pretty much everything, from seasonings to cereal. They even like candy!! Asked my Doctor, he said they cause no harm if “accidentally” ingested.