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Boker Nessmi Pro


Staff member
May 12, 2021
It’s smaller than I would have liked, but its growing on me. I got it because I saw a few pics of ppl scout carrying this in kydex sheaths. I’ve only been able to find one kydex maker for this knife (expensive). I guess because it is an old model, not many kydex makers are offering sheaths for this model anymore. Any help finding a kydex maker would be appreciated. Also, those familiar with these, I couldve sworn there was a “bigger” version of this same exact knife, but cant find any information. It was either discontinued or i’m making sh*t up. What I really want is Chris Tanners JX2 or JX6 Companion, but those are some high priced knives (and hard to find). Not in the budget. Even the JX3 would suffice.